4 x 4K(33MP) iA H.265 Multi-Sensor Camera

  • 4 x 4K(33MP) 3840×2160 up to 15fps
  • iA (intelligent Auto)
  • Super Dynamic 108dB
  • Color night vision (0.008 to 0.12 lx)
  • H.265 Smart Coding
  • ClearSight Coating
  • Wide range tilt angle adjustment mechanism

Məhsul haqqında

What is Multi-Sensor Camera?
Houses multiple image sensors and lenses in a single enclosure to cover a wide angle of view.
There are various kinds multi-sensor camera.

Possible to monitor the space spreading by direction with high image quality with one unit.
> Intersection
> Station, Airport (Concourse, Runway)
> Building periphery, Park, Plaza
> Parking lot

4 x True 4K high resolution
Can identify vehicles 100 feet diagonal from intersection corners at three lane streets

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