Mobile high-energy inspection system
Available as either a mobile cargo vehicle or a trailer, the HCVM X-ray screening system optimizes security checks at airports, ports and borders.

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The HCVM X-ray screening system is designed for ease of operation and can be driven from location to location and be ready for use in less than 30 minutes.

The HCVM requires a minimal footprint and external infrastructure while still meeting the most demanding international security-screening requirements.

This system uses a range of accelerators from 4MeV to 6MeV and a variety of scanning modes. The combination of these capabilities with high mobility makes this product ideal for applications that require the quick and easy relocation of the screening checkpoint.

When equipped with the optional iCmore™ radioactive-material detection system, the HCVM can carry out simultaneous X-ray inspections and an analysis to detect radioactive gamma and or neutron materials.

The HCVM L version is an all-in-one mobile-screening lorry. The HCVM T version of the range can be towed by a standard truck.

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