Ethernet 3D Joystick System Controller

  • Compact design & installation in desired location
  • Intuitive operation
  • Integrated System Control

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Compact design & installation in desired location
– The main unit and joystick can be separated, enabling operation with either the main unit or the joystick placed on the control table.
– An Ethernet connection is supported, so it can be used even away from a PC and installed in a desired location.

Intuitive operation
– The joystick is used to operate PTZ cameras intuitively and move them as intended for easy tracking of the target.
– An ergonomic key layout and angle enables ease of operation where blind touch input is possible and improves the quality of surveillance work.
– Making the unit and joystick separable achieves efficiency in operations regardless of which hand is dominant.

Integrated System Control
– Detached joystick controls Pan/Tilt and Zoom of camera, allowing seamless tracking.
– The main unit has dedicated buttons such as Record and Play to control the recorder smoothly.

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